Thursday, December 31, 2009

GoSH.. My HeCTiC WeeK LoRr.. TeNSiOn, ThAn Do A NeW HaIrStyLe.. WhEe~

What a hectic week!!.. Gosh, I'm damned tired la.. Have to divide my time between stdy matter and college matter.. Since I've been forced to be the secretary for JPK KK3.. Opps.. there's no more the name of 'JPK' la.. Now we have change it to M-PeKa (Majlis Perwakilan Kolej Mahasiswa) or CoReC (College Represenative Council).. Hoho.. Sounds complicated jer nama.. LOL.. Ok, lemme remind myself of my hectic schedule:-

  • Wed (8p.m.) : Majlis Ramah Mesra bersama Dato' NC..
  • Thursday : Discuss with En. Roselan (He teaches me ethnics relation) bout or class schedule (About 1 hour jgk dscuss td). Tonite got meeting with the secretariat M-Peka. Then tonite, my friends, Syahid invites me to go to Cherating, have function there.. New Year party.. God, I really love party.. But dunno whether I can attend or not la dear.. Esok program start pkl 8 pg ni.. huhu.. Today, I've to cancel up my plan to go to gym.. Need time to rest.. Gosh, sedeynyer..
  • Friday : (8p.m.) Program with the JBK.. This programme make me have to cancel up my planned with classmate, go to berkelah.. They were quite mad of me, but what to do, I need to do it.. I have no choice.. sorry sgt2.. Then, 8p.m. I've to attend meeting with Orchestra Club.
  • Saturday : Have to go to UMT (Universiti Malaysia Terengganu). MPP invites me to go with the other facilitator UMP... but i forgot la what kind of programme will be held there.. hoho.. (actually i've been forced to go there la.. gosh..)
  • Then, the task to do, Make a softcopy of list of M-Peka detail.. Then the 'minit mesyuarat' Task CRE (Chemical Reaction Engineering) and prepare for gropu presentation next week, Then, Task for Ethnics Relation [list name seksyen K05 and K06, list down group presentation (4 person per group)].. And many more la.. Bnyk sgt kne wat smpai ade yg trlupa jgk.. hoho..
Then, lepas dh tension tgk list down kerja2 yg aq kne wat.. Ape lg, g la meronggeng yesterday, since duit JPA dh msuk.. hehe~ Then, i meet up my hair stylist, Yuki (Maroon ECM).. Then she suggest me to do this hairstyle..

Hehe, what do u think?? Gosh, mesti kne band pnye dgn budak2 'baik'.. Ppl keep on staring on me since last nyte la.. hoho..

Lepak ar, yg pntg, I'm satisfied.. hehe..

btw, Happy New Year for all!.. Love ya!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Unexpected Vacation

Date: 17 Dec, 2009..
Place: Home, between Kluang and Port Dickson..

Early mornin, she wakes up.. knock3 on the door.. (ceh, mcm pnh ko dgr lirik lagu ini.. kuang3) actully, my mum daa yg ketuk pintu..

wa pn bkk ar pntu bilik wa..

Mummy: Akak, kemas ar brg, nk g Alor Gajah, tgk Mak Ngah..
Me: Ok2.. (Anak yg patuh ar katekan; without asking lebih2)

Then, dh siap2 tuh.. dlm pkl 10am.. kereta pn mle la digerakkan.. (sori, ayt bm x power ar..)

Reaching to highway at 11a.m. sumtin..

Daddy: Akk, bwk kete..
Me: Ok2.. (Obey, sbb chance nk meracing.. haha..)

Actualy, time bwk kete with passenger yg terhormat ni la yg aq lemah sket.. (passenger yg terhormat; my mum).. die sure bising giler if aq yg bwk kete.. sbb aq x ske tekan brek bile kt jalan yg kena belok, aq ske drift kalo smpai jln yg bntuk mcm tu.. ex: lepas msuk tol then nk msuk jln highway, ade lap belok kn kt c2.. tu la tmpt pling best skali nk drift, hoho..

ok, then we reach at r&r Pagoh..

Just take our lunch there..

then my dad bwk kete.. then bile dh nk smpai junction to Alor Gajah, my dad trlepas junction tu.. OMG, nasib bkn i yg bwk kete.. haha.. then the next junction is rembau which is 32 km from the alor gajah junction.. nk patah balik rugi cz 64 km meyh.. mcm ulang alik ump-kuantan.. hoho.. wasting tyme..

My mum called his bro, my uncle (pak ngah).. bgtw ktowg x jd g umah die ari ni.. die ckp ok jew..

Dad: hmm, jom g umah mak usu la.. (she stays in PJ)
Wei Chi (Lil Bro): ok gak, dh lme x g KL..

Aq pn tepon Pak Usu Aq..

Pak Usu: Farhana, hah, pehal..?
Me: Ktowg nk g umah ni jap ag..
Pak Usu: Eh, ktowg kt Penang niyh..
Me: Ok2, xpe ar..

aduyai.. nk g mne niyh?

Then my dad trnmpak sign tnjuk junction to Port dickson

Dad: Kt g Port Dickson la..
All of us agree...

Actualy my mum dh mrh2 giler.. besa la.. darah muda (muda ker??) haha.. Actualy, this things happened several times.. sbb tu ar my mum ngamuk.. hohoho..

Time to search for a place to stay.. about 3pm..

Dad: Nk stay mne niyh?
Me: G tmpat dlu jela.. (actualy dh penat giler niyh.. asal ade bilik jew ckp ar..) (tempat dulu: Sri Bayu Beach Resort)

Tmpt resort niyh ktowg pnh pg mse i umo 7 n 9 thun.. kecik ag..

Then about 6 pm.. We go out.. seaching for swimming suit.. uitt.. bkn ar.. bju mndi: t-shirt n tight jer.. hoho..

Tyme ni aq baran giler... bengang dgn pnjual baju tuh.. sial jew.. mcm ar aq x tw beza baju lelaki dgn baju pompuan.. sengal, ade ke patut die ckp baju kotak2 yg lengan die pendek giler tu utk lelaki.. buta warna ke ape.. aq x tw nk story lebih2 psl bnde niyh.. ssh nk taip utk jelaskan..nnti jmpe aq tnye ar if korg nk tnye.. hoho.. actualy nk bli bju mndi jew.. tp tersurvey plak bju len.. hoho..

Around 6.30, we watch the match between malaysia and vietnam..
Malaysia won the match! yeah, then my mum brag to us, haha,

Mum: Korang nk tw sbb ape Malaysia menang, sbb ibu tgk diowg lawan, ibu ade ONG tw.. (ONG: tuah)
Me: Eleh, u wanna brag to us la tu.. ha3.. (we laugh..)

At night, we go makan2 at Sate Kajang cawangan pd.. (weyh, taip pd jela ea.. port dickson tu pnjg sgt ar..)

Pastu blik bilik, about 10 p.m... suddenly my lil bro (wei chi) asked my dad..

Wei Chi: Ayh, nk g pub..
Dad: Pub ktner?
Wei Chi: Kt bwh resort jew..
Dad: Bape kne byr..?
Wei Chi: RM12..
Me: Akk nk g jgk..

Then my dad bg ar duit.. since aq dh kering giler.. (ble lar JPA nk msuk niyh) Tq daddy..

Then, we enjoy ourselves there.. karaoke lagu lucky dgn from the bottom of my broken heart (britney spears songs) and plays pool.. we dun drink.. seryes.. :p (aq anak yg patuh) hohoho..

Luckily my lil bro teach me how to play it.. hmm.. ok lar.. kalah tipis jew dgn die..

Went back to bed around 12.00 a.m.

Pagi pn mnjelma.. then, borak2 wif my dad..

Dad: Pnh ke ade org yg mcm kt? sukati jew nk g memane without planning?
Me: Hmm, x tw ar.. ade je kot..
Mum: Unexpected vacation created by us.. Nvm, i like it..
Me: Yalah, u ar mummy, oweyz go holiday without planning..
Mum: (hug me tightly, she oweyz hug me) yolah ekau.. (loghat nogori)

Then, we take our breakfast, n go to swimming pool..

At 12 p.m. go straight to the actual plan.. my dear mak ngah was so happy to see us.. windu ar kt diowg...

P/S :
  • I only called my parents s Daddy and Mummy if i speak in English wif them, n called them ayah and ibu if speaking in bahasa.. dun get confuse wif that ya!
  • Mak Ngah advice me sumting that make me not to forget for the rest of my life.. She reminds me to my late adopted grandma.. i miss her.. both the late and my mak ngah..
  • Sorry guys, no pic for this post.. kamera x bwk, hp low battery plak.. huhu..

So i think i wanna rate this vacation as 5 star vacation.. bcz it's really meaningful to me..

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

FiNaLLy... My DeArLy SiS TrEaTeD Me 4 My BeLaTeD BiRThDaY......

My dearly sister, Nur Atikah, 14...

Wou, It's been a very2 long time since I haven't update my blog.. wtf, x de mood maa... Well, I dedicated this entry to my one and only sister, Nur Atikah.. Yup, we have a very great time this evening.. You know what, she's treated me pizza hut, bought me a new bag and a cute pink slipper... hehe... mmm, I don't have much to talk but I just wanna say a big thank you to her.. Ok2.. I promise I will buy for you a whole set of skincare product as you wish... just wait okey!

p/s Dun worry sis, its nice for me although it didn't cost too much..

The Belated Birthday Present...

the 'I-Love-It' bag

and the cute pink slipper..