Thursday, December 31, 2009

GoSH.. My HeCTiC WeeK LoRr.. TeNSiOn, ThAn Do A NeW HaIrStyLe.. WhEe~

What a hectic week!!.. Gosh, I'm damned tired la.. Have to divide my time between stdy matter and college matter.. Since I've been forced to be the secretary for JPK KK3.. Opps.. there's no more the name of 'JPK' la.. Now we have change it to M-PeKa (Majlis Perwakilan Kolej Mahasiswa) or CoReC (College Represenative Council).. Hoho.. Sounds complicated jer nama.. LOL.. Ok, lemme remind myself of my hectic schedule:-

  • Wed (8p.m.) : Majlis Ramah Mesra bersama Dato' NC..
  • Thursday : Discuss with En. Roselan (He teaches me ethnics relation) bout or class schedule (About 1 hour jgk dscuss td). Tonite got meeting with the secretariat M-Peka. Then tonite, my friends, Syahid invites me to go to Cherating, have function there.. New Year party.. God, I really love party.. But dunno whether I can attend or not la dear.. Esok program start pkl 8 pg ni.. huhu.. Today, I've to cancel up my plan to go to gym.. Need time to rest.. Gosh, sedeynyer..
  • Friday : (8p.m.) Program with the JBK.. This programme make me have to cancel up my planned with classmate, go to berkelah.. They were quite mad of me, but what to do, I need to do it.. I have no choice.. sorry sgt2.. Then, 8p.m. I've to attend meeting with Orchestra Club.
  • Saturday : Have to go to UMT (Universiti Malaysia Terengganu). MPP invites me to go with the other facilitator UMP... but i forgot la what kind of programme will be held there.. hoho.. (actually i've been forced to go there la.. gosh..)
  • Then, the task to do, Make a softcopy of list of M-Peka detail.. Then the 'minit mesyuarat' Task CRE (Chemical Reaction Engineering) and prepare for gropu presentation next week, Then, Task for Ethnics Relation [list name seksyen K05 and K06, list down group presentation (4 person per group)].. And many more la.. Bnyk sgt kne wat smpai ade yg trlupa jgk.. hoho..
Then, lepas dh tension tgk list down kerja2 yg aq kne wat.. Ape lg, g la meronggeng yesterday, since duit JPA dh msuk.. hehe~ Then, i meet up my hair stylist, Yuki (Maroon ECM).. Then she suggest me to do this hairstyle..

Hehe, what do u think?? Gosh, mesti kne band pnye dgn budak2 'baik'.. Ppl keep on staring on me since last nyte la.. hoho..

Lepak ar, yg pntg, I'm satisfied.. hehe..

btw, Happy New Year for all!.. Love ya!!


Anonymous said...

wah budak kcik ni da jd org pnting skang ek!!! good luck!!! dont giveup but give the best of the best k!!! always sport u my sis hana!!! cayok!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah, tq2 my bro.. hoho.. trpksa la jd org pnting, kne tarik.. bro, bile nk wat konsert new year?? hehe..

Anonymous said...

nice la ur new hairdo tu,,
wateva la kan org nak ckp..
bole jd party girl..

Anonymous said...

tq girl.. be a party girl?? hoho.. thats wat i really want la.. hey, wat do u think if i want to do my bezdey prty at zouk? actually dh lme nk mrancang.. but tgk cndition dlu ar..

Anonymous said...

zouk jgn la... byk rempit... lgpun not soo classy la dearr... i add u on my fb..=)

Anonymous said...

oo yeah.. planned nk wt kt sne cz mmbr ade link.. how bout MOS?? ok x?? sne pn ade link gak.. hoho..