Thursday, December 30, 2010

My GND went to playground

Hey peeps, remember my entry 'bout my GND?

New updates of her, on 28/12, around 6.30 p.m., I bring her to the playground which is very2 near to my home. The above are her happy pictures:

  1. She's fucking scared when the fogging service go around my residence while we enjoyed playing.. (Me playing?? OMFG.. hahaha..)
  2. While I was fooling around, I heard some fucking noise from people-that-my-dad-really-hate, maybe insulting the 'hanging around' guyz at that playground. Oii, pakcik, standard ar orang lepak2, lu nak insult2 org pehal?? nak kne lempang dengan bapak aq kew?? macam ar anak lu baik sangat.. haha.. wateva..

Tu jelah, nak masak lunch dh ni, bye2 bitches...

2011 resolutions

Firstly, before it's too late, I wanna wish you all Happy New year 2011

Fine, quite lazy to ber-madah2 thingy.. just straight forward..

  • Nak turunkan berat badan (for the first tyme ade niat nak pasang azam cmni)
Target : Before graduation day..
Strategy : Attend swimming class, during my practical period in Senai, any idea?
  • Score for GPA 3.67 and above for the next semester and so on.
  • Find for any scholarship for futher studies (don't wan't FAMA scholarship, I'm not like others, I don't wan't to burden them)
Strategy : Search through the internet until fainted.. hehe..
Note : FAMA - Father Mother
  • Undergo a serious relationship.. Any candidates? (haha, keji seyh.. cm x laku je)

Actually I have tonnes of resolution for the next year 2011.. but forgotten.. nevermind, I will update this entry if I remember it.. ok! adios.. amigos.. :D

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Kiki was playing with my sister's cellphone

Kiki with my brother

Kiki with me

Kiki with my sister

And yeah! She's my GND so far.. GND? What's that? ok, it's stands for 'Girl Next Door' or Malay says, 'Budak Sebelah Rumah'.. Sorry, FHM, I've taken ur words.. haha.. This cuties have just being my neighbour since (if not mistaken; July this year)..

What can I say, she's talkative, I admit she's very smart in having conversation compared to her tender age. Me and her always talking like she's 10 years old. But sometimes she had a bad mouth, need to have more practice.. hahaha.. but for me, she's smart, really smart.. so fun to have her..

Owh, sorry, I haven't introduce her to readers. Her name is Siti Nuraklia a.k.a Kiki.. 3 years old.. have another 2 siblings, Adam; 2 years, and Sarah; toddler.. (Kiki pronounce her as 'Sayah'.. pelat sebut huruf 'R').. hahaha..

Owh, just now I have just buy her a barbie doll, since I have promised to her yesterday.. hope she will take a good care of it.. :)

Another pictures of her soon, wait and see ya!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Breakfast mu, breakfast ku jua..

It's been a long time since i haven't updated my blog. And also haven't prepared spaghetti for my family. wohoo. seriously I'm the spaghetti big fan. Bagi I satu tong spaghetti pun I boleh habiskan. hehehe.

Ok, to make it a story, di satu pagi yang hening, ceh, hening la sangat... maka cik hana ni memulakan paginya dengan pergi ke dapur dan membuka kabinet dapur. dan terjumpalah dia dengan benda - benda alah ini:

Ini adalah cik prego. sangat sedap. nak senang n cepat masak exceli. tp itu bukan bermakna Cik Hana tidak pandai buat sos spageti sendiri ya.. :p

Cendawan butang.. penambah keenakan sos spageti anda..

Mee spageti.. yang ni je bkn disponsor oleh mummy sy.. bahan2 yang lain, haa.. barulah mummy.. erkk, fikir jap..

Minced beef.. from Ramly's

Then, selepas tung tang tung tang kat dapur memasak, ni la sarapan kami sekeluarga untuk hari ini, (23/12):

ready-to-serve spaghetti

fresh milk, my favourite drink all-time.. :)

Chow lovelias.. :)