Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 resolutions

Firstly, before it's too late, I wanna wish you all Happy New year 2011

Fine, quite lazy to ber-madah2 thingy.. just straight forward..

  • Nak turunkan berat badan (for the first tyme ade niat nak pasang azam cmni)
Target : Before graduation day..
Strategy : Attend swimming class, during my practical period in Senai, any idea?
  • Score for GPA 3.67 and above for the next semester and so on.
  • Find for any scholarship for futher studies (don't wan't FAMA scholarship, I'm not like others, I don't wan't to burden them)
Strategy : Search through the internet until fainted.. hehe..
Note : FAMA - Father Mother
  • Undergo a serious relationship.. Any candidates? (haha, keji seyh.. cm x laku je)

Actually I have tonnes of resolution for the next year 2011.. but forgotten.. nevermind, I will update this entry if I remember it.. ok! adios.. amigos.. :D

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