Thursday, December 30, 2010

My GND went to playground

Hey peeps, remember my entry 'bout my GND?

New updates of her, on 28/12, around 6.30 p.m., I bring her to the playground which is very2 near to my home. The above are her happy pictures:

  1. She's fucking scared when the fogging service go around my residence while we enjoyed playing.. (Me playing?? OMFG.. hahaha..)
  2. While I was fooling around, I heard some fucking noise from people-that-my-dad-really-hate, maybe insulting the 'hanging around' guyz at that playground. Oii, pakcik, standard ar orang lepak2, lu nak insult2 org pehal?? nak kne lempang dengan bapak aq kew?? macam ar anak lu baik sangat.. haha.. wateva..

Tu jelah, nak masak lunch dh ni, bye2 bitches...

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