Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Kiki was playing with my sister's cellphone

Kiki with my brother

Kiki with me

Kiki with my sister

And yeah! She's my GND so far.. GND? What's that? ok, it's stands for 'Girl Next Door' or Malay says, 'Budak Sebelah Rumah'.. Sorry, FHM, I've taken ur words.. haha.. This cuties have just being my neighbour since (if not mistaken; July this year)..

What can I say, she's talkative, I admit she's very smart in having conversation compared to her tender age. Me and her always talking like she's 10 years old. But sometimes she had a bad mouth, need to have more practice.. hahaha.. but for me, she's smart, really smart.. so fun to have her..

Owh, sorry, I haven't introduce her to readers. Her name is Siti Nuraklia a.k.a Kiki.. 3 years old.. have another 2 siblings, Adam; 2 years, and Sarah; toddler.. (Kiki pronounce her as 'Sayah'.. pelat sebut huruf 'R').. hahaha..

Owh, just now I have just buy her a barbie doll, since I have promised to her yesterday.. hope she will take a good care of it.. :)

Another pictures of her soon, wait and see ya!

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